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I had attended the horse expo and not having any particular want or need in mind wandered up to your small booth.  A very nice gentleman greeted us, and told us that his company made the best bedding around.  Seeing our skeptical looks, he gave us a great demonstration with ammonia water and your pellets.  In about a minute I was convinced to give these pellets a try!  Luckily, my local feed store had started carrying them, and I ordered a couple of bags – and haven’t ordered anything but natures best pellets since!  These pellets are simply the best for bedding stalls or in pee spots.  I use them under my shavings because there is no smell upon removal, there is less waste to remove, my expense has been cut in half, and it saves so much time cleaning the stall.  I simply cannot go back to using straight shavings!


-Sam R, Virginia

I have to say that your Nature’s bedding pellets went above and beyond the call of “doody”. This year with all the rain we had in the my area my 2 stalls ended up flooded for a week. I bailed 5 wheel barrows of water out of the barn before I realized the water was coming up in the stall floor. I had to feed and stall my horses in part of the isle way that was about 17 feet long by about 5 feet wide, I’m glad they get along. When the water finally drained out you can only imagine what a sloppy muddy mess and smell this made with the dirt flooring and a week of standing water and horse waste I had to do something to get my horses back in the stalls and kill the odors. I went to my local farm store where they had your Nature’s pellets on sale so I picked up about 8 bags thinking anything will help. I went home and dumped 4 bags in each stall and stomped them in with my boots and thought I would need to wait a day for my stalls to dry out. I was so anxious about getting my horses back in the stalls that I went back out to the barn about 3 hours later and to my surprise as I opened the door the fresh sent of pine jumped out at me, ahhhh.….AND the floors had firmed up to the point I felt comfortable to let the horses back in their stalls. WOW ….I could not believe it. The horses were so excited the first thing they did was roll and snort for about the first 5 minutes of being let back in.


-Brad, Florida

Well I have used  cedar shavings for approx. the past 15 years, I recently noticed one of our mares ALWAYS coughing when she went to turn out to pasture.  So I removed the shavings, then I had a mare with a broken splint bone, and had to be on stall rest 6 weeks after her surgery.  I decided to try your bedding pellets.  I bought 10 bags, after the end of the 6 weeks I still had 2 bags left.  They last so much longer, it is easier to pick the stall clean, and my husband the non-horse guy has noticed how much better my barn smells.  I recently bought 50 bags, at a farm store sale.    Thank you!

-Laurie M, Oregon

I bed one gelding (which is like two horses…LOL) I have been using Nature’s. I love the nice smell they leave. I also use Nature’s Bedding Pellets for cat litter. They don’t track nearly as much as granular cat litter, they are much healthier for the cat (no dust, nothing toxic, like most cat litters). Really stops the smell, and extremely affordable when compared to other cat litters.


-Valrey, Southern California

We have been buying baby chicks each year and keep them in a tub in the laundry room until they get too crowded and move them out to a pin in the barn. We were using newspaper in the bottom of the tubs which had to be changed twice a day as they made a stinky mess with spilling water, feed and – you know – chicken poop! This year we discovered Nature’s Bedding Pellets. We pour about an inch of it in the tubs, place the water and feeder on top, replace the light and we’re good to go for about a week. It smells good and the chicks like to scratch around in it. If they spill water, the pellets absorb the moisture. It’s an inexpensive solution to a stinky and messy problem.


-Barbara E, Oregon

Nature’s Bedding Pellets have worked wonders for our horses. We’ve tried shavings and just about everything else, and nothing has come close. It really makes cleaning easier and the barn smells so much more pleasant!

-Sharon H, Utah

I have been using Nature’s Bedding for a couple of years. Besides using it for the four horses in my barn, I use it for litter in my cockatoo cages. One time last year, my regular supplier was not able to deliver when I needed to restock, so I called another source that advertised bedding pellets on their website. Their bedding pellets were actually stove pellets. Those pellets did not perform as well as the Nature’s Bedding; they did not break down and ‘fluff’ as well, and did not absorb liquid and odor as well.  So, I now have lined out several sources for Nature’s Bedding so I will always have it available.

-G.H. DVM, North Carolina