In its total commitment to the environment, Woodgrain promises to act as a responsible corporate citizen, optimizing our resources and producing products that have a positive impact on the environment and health. From the harvesting of the wood we use to the transport of our finished goods, we strive to minimize our footprint as a company.

About Us

We strive to offer the best animal bedding products in the industry, with our years of experience and knowledge with wood we are able to bring you the best products and cost-effective prices.

Environmentally Friendly

Nature’s offers environmentally friendly and cost effective products to your animals along with a natural heating pellet. All products are created from the sawdust (shavings and trim materials) used in the manufacturing process of our millwork products. 99.9% of all the wood we process through our mills or manufacturing facilities are utilized in some shape or form.

We service feed stores with our animal bedding. With our large network of manufacturing facilities we produce Natures products in Idaho, North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama. Natures is a Woodgrain company which was founded in 1954 and based in Fruitland, Idaho. Woodgrain is one of the largest manufacturers of wood Doors, Millwork, Windows and lumber.

Our Mission

“Best in Class Value.” From the forest to your animal, we serve you through an integrated supply chain to eliminate waste while lowering cost and improving quality with consistency, flexibility, and responsiveness.

Nature’s History

A family-owned brand of Woodgrain Millwork, Nature’s began in Prineville, OR in 2008. What started as an eco-friendly solution to cut millwork waste, our endeavor into fuel pellets evolved into the “best in class” animal bedding brand we are today.  Our shavings are now available in both the western and eastern states.