Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change out the bedding?

You can take out wet, clumped areas and fill in with new bedding throughout the week too but you should completely strip the stall and put in fresh bedding once a month at the very minimum.

  •          Pick stalls daily
  •          Add approximately one bag/week
  •         Strip stall every 4-8 weeks

Where can I buy Nature’s by Woodgrain bedding products?

Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Click here

What is the difference between Nature’s bedding and others

All the wood used in making our bedding is a by product of our parent company, Woodgrain Millwork, which manufactures industry leading wood doors, windows, and mouldings. This means that we have access to premium wood that has been kiln dried to the most optimal level.     

How much bedding should I use in a 12x12 stall?

It all depends on how much you use and the need of your animal, but on average:

For Medium Flake Shavings we recommend:

  • 55-65 cu.ft. for a thin bedding
  • 95-105 cu.ft for a thick bedding
  • Add 1-2 bales per week

For Mini-Flakes we recommend:

  • 4-5 bales for a thin bedding
  • 6-8 bales for a thick bedding
  • Add 1-2 bales per week

For Pellets we recommend:

  • 4-5 bags for thin bedding
  • 6-8 bags for thick bedding
  • Add 1 bag per week

– Pick stalls daily

– Strip stall every 4-8 weeks

How long will it take to absorb the water once I’ve poured it on?

This is going to take some time to wordsmith.  There are so many ways to use bedding pellets. I think it would be VERY beneficial to describe the various methods – no water, misted, hose, mixing with Mini’ or Shavings, Pee-spot only, etc.


All of our shavings and pellets are made from pine which has low dust and dose will for sensitive skin.