I have to say that your Nature’s bedding pellets went above and beyond the call of “doody”. This year with all the rain we had in the my area my 2 stalls ended up flooded for a week. I bailed 5 wheel barrows of water out of the barn before I realized the water was coming up in the stall floor. I had to feed and stall my horses in part of the isle way that was about 17 feet long by about 5 feet wide, I’m glad they get along. When the water finally drained out you can only imagine what a sloppy muddy mess and smell this made with the dirt flooring and a week of standing water and horse waste I had to do something to get my horses back in the stalls and kill the odors. I went to my local farm store where they had your Nature’s pellets on sale so I picked up about 8 bags thinking anything will help. I went home and dumped 4 bags in each stall and stomped them in with my boots and thought I would need to wait a day for my stalls to dry out. I was so anxious about getting my horses back in the stalls that I went back out to the barn about 3 hours later and to my surprise as I opened the door the fresh sent of pine jumped out at me, ahhhh.….AND the floors had firmed up to the point I felt comfortable to let the horses back in their stalls. WOW ….I could not believe it. The horses were so excited the first thing they did was roll and snort for about the first 5 minutes of being let back in.