Jennifer P

I gave every bedding product available in the my area a trial.  On evaluation, Nature’s Bedding came out on top every single time. Why do I like it?  It is very easy to use and keep clean.  With a manure picker, I have minimal waste of clean product mixed into the soiled. It smells wonderful, even after being in the stall for several weeks!  It has a sweet pine odor that lasts and lasts. Urine is held in a confined area compared to straw and shavings, so it saves me clean-up work. Manure is easy to lift off with minimal waste of pellets. It was the BEST odor neutralizer of all the bedding I tried.  There is minimal ammonia generation with Nature’s Bedding compared to the other brands. This alone is a great reason to use Nature’s Bedding. It also gets very soft and comfy, and maximizes the horses’ warmth conservation when used fairly deep in the stall.